Thursday, April 12, 2018

Places Familiar and New

Rustling palm trees have replaced the sound of rain on the roof that has been my normal morning sound track. The air is warm even at this hour, but the breeze keeps me from seeking the comfort of my air-conditioned room. Today, I find myself in a tropical paradise waiting the rising of the sun and the beginning of another day on the azure waters of Bahia de la Ascencion.
The sleepy village of Punta Allen has changed much since my first visit 25 years ago, but many familiar landmarks remain. They bring back memories of bonefish, permit and tarpon encounters that started me on this crazy quest to find these beautiful places and chase these incredible fish.
Time has also change my view on this magical world, showing me details missed in my early years. My focus seems to have changed and while pescatorial pursuits still drive me to adventure, seeing and understanding these places has become more important. I find it easier to see the details without the distraction of new surroundings. This is a place both familiar and new, filled with wonders and inviting exploration. I think I shall answer that call. 

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