Thursday, May 10, 2018

Making Time for Adventure

It may seem like I spend a lot of time traveling the back roads looking for fish and adventure, but a more realistic view of my life isn't much different than yours. I pull weeds, clean the garage, shop for groceries, take out the garbage and occasionally even wash the dishes. Add running a business and writing a weekly newsletter to the mix and it's a wonder I ever see the light of day. The trick I have found to adventure is simply putting it on the calendar and doing it. No excuses, no maybe next year, just grab your go-bag and go.

Time is one thing we just can't buy, but we can budget it. We need to move some from savings once in awhile and spend it on ourselves and our families. Those moments spent on new adventures will pay dividends and in the end will add to our lives though memories and better health. You will never regret time spent on expanding your view of the world or yourself. Get outside. Meet new people and see new places. Do something fresh and different or just find a quiet place in the woods and watch a campfire for awhile with a friend. Take care of you and you can take care of those you love. Maybe I'll see you on one of those back roads I love to travel very soon.