Sunday, December 31, 2017

Memories of the Year

This weekend we will mark the passing year in celebration with friends and family each of us in our own way. Reflection on the year fading and hope for the new one to come are the focus of this celebration. There are images in our hearts that will define 2017 when we choose to recall them from memory. New friends, adventures, milestones and accomplishments mix together as we write another chapter in our lives. The image above is my memory of the year. A small Trout in a small stream and the journey to find it were a highlight that will never fade.

My photography has always been the log book that allows me to revisit old chapters and refresh faded memories. Sometimes those images are too painful to view, a reminder of something lost. Others bring back the light of youth or an adventure that added to the story that brings me to where I am today. While some may write their tale with pen and paper I find more than a thousand words in each image. They hold the story for me until it can be written or left to fade away like the year passing.

May the New Year be filled with love and adventure for all of us.