Monday, September 18, 2017

Outfit and Explore

I tucked myself into my roof top tent on Saturday night in southern Oregon, grateful for the Pendleton wool blanket and heavy sleeping bag I carry with me as the temperature dropped to chilly. The down pillow was a nice touch too. I've become increasingly accustom to comfortable in my old age and wouldn't label my traveling kit as "light." Sure, in a pinch I can do without the cast iron dutch oven, but why?

I've moved beyond "travel light and fast" and find myself firmly intrenched in the "fully equipped and not in a big hurry" phase of life. Deadlines and a calendar filled with commitments drift away when you're on the water or exploring a new place. Cameras to record memories become as important as the fishing gear that inspired the trek. The realization that fish play only a minor roll in these adventures comes with time. I find myself turning down roads just to see where they lead and what lies hidden around the next corner. We all know that something special is always just around the next bend. Go see it.

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