Monday, May 15, 2017

Mountains to the Sea

Water that fell as a snowflake in Montana is slowly making it’s way to Astoria joining the bubbling currents generating from British Columbia, Alberta, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Washington and of course, Oregon. Our local waters swell with pride as they become part of this annual migration from mountain tops to the sea. The melt-off is well underway as we flirt with summer, yet our mountains still wear white.

This bodes well for our summer angling adventures and brings hope that our anadromous friends can rebound from the recent hot dry years. Time will tell that tale, but for now we set out to explore waterways that flow with plenty of clean, cold water. This is a refreshing change for all, paid for by the endurance of those wet grey days of winter and spring. Those days fade rapidly into memory when the sun hits your face and your boots hit the water.

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